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The Union Building in Pretoria:


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The Union Building in Pretoria is built at the highest point of Pretoria, our capital city. It is home to Presidency. This building took almost 4 years and 1265 artisans, workmen and laborers to build. It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1908 and the process started in 1909.

It consists of approximately 14 million bricks (interior office walls only), half a million cubic feet of freestone, 74 000 cubic yards of concrete, 40 000 bags of cement and 20 000 cubic feet of granite.

In contrast, the Union Building was originally built to house the entire Public Service for the Union of South Africa. Not only was it the largest building in the country, but also the largest building project in the Southern Hemisphere.




Address:                         Government Ave, Pretoria, 0002
Opened:                         1913
Construction started:    November 1, 1910
Phone:                            012 300 5200
Architect:                       Herbert Baker
Architectural styles:      Edwardian architecture, Neoclassical architecture, Cape Dutch architecture


union buildingDid You Know?

Above all, the Union Building stood out even more after a bronze statue of 9 meters in height erected. This statue is a model of Mandela. Not only was he the former president since 1994 – 1999, but also a peace activist.