Things to do

Things To Do

in Cullinan:


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things to doA tour through Oak Street:

This may sound like a very unusual outing, but we can assure you it is a lot of fun! Walking down this antique street, you will experience mind blowing creativity!




things to doThe Cullinan Diamond Mine:

Presenting a variety of different tours, visitors can choose between a surface tour or an underground tour. To the kids, this will be a very educational trip, and will bode well with school tasks.



Things to doThe Pretoria Zoo:

The Pretoria Zoo is one of the most visited attractions so far. It is especially famous among the little kiddies. Not only do they present animals, but also facilities and other fun things to do.



things to doUnion Buildings

The Union Building in Pretoria is built at the highest point of Pretoria, our capital city. It is home to Presidency. This building took almost 4 years and 1265 artisans, workmen and laborers to build. It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1908 and the process started in 1909.