VIDEO: Pta organisation helping with animal abuse investigations

Presented as written by Kayla van Petegem, journalist at Rekord Moot:

VIDEO: Pta organisation helping with animal abuse investigations

Mandie Surman. Photo: Kayla van Petegem

An animal rescue organisation, based in Pretoria, has recently also started investigating animal cruelty cases.

“Our main aim has always been the sterilisation of cats and dogs,” said one of the directors of Scar Second Chance animal rescue, Tim Surman.

“We also worked with the rehoming of animals.”

However, this recently changed when they saw that there was a need with the investigation of animal cruelty cases, Surman said.

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“We started noticing this when a string of cats was found dead in the Moot about a week and a half ago,” he said.

“The police has their hands full with regular cases, so cruelty against animals are seen as secondary.”

Surman said that Scar wanted to make sure that “animals get a fair deal” in South Africa.

He said he was a trauma councillor and that his wife Mandie, who was also the co-director of Scar, was good with investigating such cases.

“We also have people assisting us with tracking,” he said.

The organisation was currently investigating rumours of a pit bull fighting ring in the Pretoria West vicinity.

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“We have seen cases of pit bull terriers being found on the side of the road with scars similar to dog fighting,” he said.

Surman said they were also investigating a case where a dog was recently shot in Daspoort and the cat killings in the Moot.

He urged anyone with more information on any of these three cases to contact them.

Scar Second Chance animal rescue was found three years ago by Tim and Mandie.

“We were already busy with an exotic animal rescue, which we started about 10 years ago,” he said.

They focused on exotic animals, such as bearded dragons, leopard geckos, snakes and squirrels.

Scar also works with several animal sanctuaries and organisations around Gauteng.

They also have a foster system, which also helps the organisation.

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“A foster system is made up of volunteers that basically takes in the animals, rehabilitates them (if needed) and also has them sterilised,” he explained.

“They also rehome them when the animal is ready.”

Mandie, who was also the co-owner of a pet shop, used this interesting initiative to help animals in need.

“More and more people started to drop off animals at the shop, such as dogs and cats,” Surman said.

“That is why we decided to rather follow an adoption process.”

Mandie said the dogs or cats are sterilised, receive the necessary injections and home inspections are done before the adoption request is approved.

“We want to make sure that the animals go to a good home and do not end up with us again,” she said.

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