UPDATE: Garbage ‘sorting station’ woes flare up again in Centurion

Presented as written by Bennitt Bartl, journalist at Centurion Rekord:

UPDATE: Garbage ‘sorting station’ woes flare up again in Centurion

Residents near Wierda Road in Centurion are concerned about “sorting stations” which appear to be flaring up again. Photo: Supplied

A new garbage “sorting station” appears to have cropped up a stone’s throw away from a previous site which was vacated last year.

The station is used by informal recyclers to sort through litter they have collected.

Last year, a similar site next to Wierda Road became a big frustration for residents who were concerned about health and safety issues.

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After intervention by the metro authorities and the owner of the property the recyclers were evicted from the site.

However, it now appears as though they have moved across the road to a new site.

Rekord received complaints from residents this week of a large amount of garbage which was accumulating next to the intersection of Wierda Road and Saxby Avenue.

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Residents in the area said they were concerned for the people living on the site.

The concern centres on a lack of running water and sewage facilities.

Local ward councillor Marika Kruger-Muller said it appeared the same group of recyclers were moving from one site to the next.

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“We had the situation in Wierda Road last year and the owner of the property intervened,” said Kruger-Muller.

“Since then it would appear the group is moving to various other sites in the area. It creates a huge problem, because each time they move, a new case has to be opened and an inspector needs to be sent to the site.”

Kruger-Muller said the metro was in the process of finding a workable solution to the problem in conjunction with the Gauteng department of agriculture and rural development.

The metro had yet to respond to enquiries by the time of going to press.

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