TUT student, author refuses to be suppressed by poverty

Presented as written by David Matsena, journalist at Rekord North:

TUT student, author refuses to be suppressed by poverty

Young author, Pimelo Ngidi.

A young motivational speaker and author from Soshanguve refuses to allow his background dictate his future, he says.

“Don’t be imprisoned by people’s view of you,” said Pimelo Ngidi, a PhD candidate at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

“Be who you want to be.”

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Ngidi has authored The Pregnant Mind of an Orphan.

Speaking of his book’s title, Ngidi said orphans are predominantly victims of poverty.

“As a result, others commit crime, prostitution and commit suicide. Like a domino effect, many die early or become useless in life,” he said.

“I became an orphan at the age of 14, my first year in high school,” said Ngidi.

He said he became “a celebrity of poverty”.

“I have realised that everyone is an orphan, whether or not you have parents,” he said.

“I wish to thank my dad for rejecting me and denying that I was his own biological son. I thereafter, wish to thank my mom for not aborting me, even after the sperm donor ran away.

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“I would have never become what I am today, and I will not stop thanking myself for standing firm, although unappealing circumstances were clouding my ways.

“My message to other young people, facing similar challenges to the ones I faced, is: don’t be the puppet of circumstances, dream in the midst of enemies and circumstances.

He says entertaining one’s unfavourable background… allow it to become an excuse for one’s failure is a sign of being an orphan.

He says he has achieved all that he has because he refused to become a victim and a “puppet of poverty”.

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