Record number of food donations to Tshwane SPCA

Presented as written by Kayla van Petegem, journalist at Rekord Moot:

Record number of food donations to Tshwane SPCA

The Tshwane SPCA recently received a record number of food donations.

This follows after they recently spread the message across several platforms that they were in dire need of food, said spokesperson Elsa Daniels.

She said locals came from “all over” to donate much-needed food for their animals.

“Never in the past has so much food been donated to the society within such a short period of time,” said Karen Gelderblom, kennel manager at the Waltloo branch.

“Enough food was donated to see the animals through this winter, at both branches – Waltloo and Centurion.”

She said even small bags of food donations made a difference for the animals in their care.

On behalf of Tshwane SPCA, Daniels thanked all who donated.

“The support of the media outlets, businesses and residents was outstanding,” she said.

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