Moot police use app to recover stolen cellphone

Presented as written by Bennit Bartl, journalist at Rekord Moot:

Moot police use app to recover stolen cellphone

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Swift response by the police with the help of modern technology led to a Moot man getting his stolen cellphone back.

The Pretoria Moot police and the man were able to recover the iPhone using its tracking app on Friday afternoon.

The phone had been reported stolen just hours before at Waverly Plaza.

“The man had been at a coffee shop at the plaza,” said police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.

“He later realised his phone was missing and presumed it had been stolen.

“Unfortunately when the man tried to track his phone it had been switched off,”

When the phone was switched back on the man contacted the police who responded immediately.

“The app notified her at around 15:45 that the phone was at a park in Swemmer Street, Gezina,” said Weilbach.

“Police found the phone hidden in some bushes.

“It is believed the thieves hid the phone when they saw police at the park.”

The man has expressed his gratitude to the Moot police and, in particular, Sergeant Mahashe and Constable Mohlangu for their helpfulness.

The police have recommended cellphone owners use technology to assist in the fight against crime.

“There are several applications designed to locate mobile devices in the event of loss or theft,” said Weilbach.

“Some manufacturers can pre-install this function, making it easier to track devices.”

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The police recommend keeping all the phone’s information, including the make, model, manufacturer code and IMEI number, in a safe place.

“Female users should refrain from using the outer pockets of handbags to store cellphones.

“Rather make use of an inner pocket to make it more difficult for opportunistic thieves to steal a cellphone.”

Residents are urged to be careful when waiting for a taxi ordered through an app.

“Police are receiving increasing reports of criminals who robbed cellphones while the user waits on the pavement or takes out the cellphone to check the details of the taxi,” said Weilbach.

Another hotspot for cellphone thefts was fast food outlets.

“Nearly everybody takes out their cellphones while waiting for their food orders.

“Once again this creates an opportunity for criminals to strike.”

Community members are urged to report any suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances to the police immediately by phoning the 10111 emergency-number.

Crime or suspicious drug activity can be reported to police anonymously on 08600-10111 or by sending an SMS to 32211.

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