Fencing to curb crime at Centurion field

Presented as written by Bennitt Bartl, journalist at Centurion Rekord:

UPDATE: Fencing to curb crime at Centurion field

Local ward councillor Peter Sutton. Photo: Bennitt Bartl

A fence was erected around an open field in Hennops Park on Friday to help curb crime in the area.

The field, located near the Bronberrick area in Centurion, is where an elderly Centurion resident was attacked with a panga last year.

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The field is also used for the weekly park run event on Saturdays.

Local ward councillor Peter Sutton said the attack on 71-year-old Chris Visser had not been the only one in the area.

“There have been numerous attacks and crimes at the field,” Sutton said.

“Residents in the area were growing increasingly concerned for their safety. The field makes it very easy for anyone to just walk through the residential area. We’ve also had cases where criminals would hide there from authorities.”

The metro finally approved plans to make the area safer and on Friday a fence with barbed wire was installed.


The fence has been put up between the open field in Hennops Park and the N14 highway.

“A local security company has also offered to help by implementing further safety measures,” Sutton said.

Details on what exactly these measures were could not be disclosed for security reasons.

“We do not expect the fence will interfere with wildlife in the area.”

Visser had been walking in the open field near his home when he was attacked.

He described his attacker as a young man, but cannot recall much else about him except that he was armed with a panga.

The man demanded Visser hand over any valuables before attacking him.

Visser, who attempted to protect himself by lifting his arms, sustained injuries to his arms and legs.

The field was where an elderly man was attacked with a panga last year. Photo: Bennitt Bartl

Photo: Bennitt Bartl

Chris Visser (71) of Bronberrick in Centurion was attacked by an unknown individual while walking in an open field near his house. Photo: Bennitt Bartl

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