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Trichardt is a small town situated in Gert Sibande District Municipality, Mpumalanga,South Africa. It lays about 34km west of Bethal and 32km west-south-west of Leandra, with Secunda as its neighbor.


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Interesting Facts:

trichardt homeTrichardt consists of only 1120 household and 3851 population in total. Statistics from 2011 reads as follow:

  1. White people – 61%
  2. Black African – 20.5%
  3. Indian/Asian – 14.33%
  4. Coloured – 3.06%
  5. Other – 0.99%


51.75% of these people are males, while the other 48.22% are females. Because this town is so small, most of its attractions lays in surrounding towns like Secunda.

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