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standerton homeSince 1878, Standarton found its existence on Grootverlangen farm. It was named after the owner, Commandant Adriaan H. Stander. This town share a lot of history regarding the Groot Trek controversy.

Some of the history includes the media outrage in 2007 and 2008 after the destruction of the Voortrekker memorial. After this monuments 150th anniversary, the mayor ordered it destroyed.

“That piece of thing means nothing to us. It’s just a piece of cement with tracks. I do not even know where it comes from”, Radebe-Khumalo declared.

This statement left a lot of Afrikaners speechless. Taking further actions, it was concluded that Radebe-Khumalo and her municipality would pay for the damages. Furthermore, it also prohibited them to remove another statue dedicated to Anglo-Boer war concentration camp victims.


Grootdraai Dam:

standerton homeThe Grootdraai Dam forms part of the Standerton infrastructure. It is situated at the upper reaches of the Vaal River. This dam was completed in 1982. It was mainly built to support three Sasol petrol plants, as well as various petrol stations near Olifants River.

In 1983 residents feared that the Grootdraai Dam will run empty due to the big drought they had. In conclusion, the turned to their emergency scheme. This process included pumping water from upstream over a distance of 202 kilometers. Over the course of a day, 1 million cubic meters of water will be supplied to this dam.

The emergency scheme was a major success!


standerton home


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standerton home



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