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The name of this town originated after it became the second Sasol extraction refinery producing oil from coal, after Sasolburg. During 1974, Sasol Townships Limited was given the order of developing Secunda. After various debates whether or not to combine Evander and Trichardt (already existing towns) with Secunda, concluded in the decision of only combining Trichardt and Secunda, under the name Secunda. The first resident, named Mr Lool Odendaal, moved in in 1976.


  1. 40,198 Inhabitants
  2. Estimated 118,889 people lives in nearby township
  3. The towns growth has steeply increased due to the expansions underway at the Sasol complexes.


The unique layout of Secunda includes residential quarter cells, bordered by main routes. As a result, only internal traffic is found within such cells. This increases the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and it decreases the distances.


secunda home pageSecunda offers three high schools:

English only: Highveld Park High School

Both English & Afrikaans: High School Oosterland, and High School Secunda

Culture & Contemporary Life:

  • In 1977, Secunda was introduced to a library, as well as a clinic service. Both were located in the same house and later in 1978, received permanent personnel.
  • In 1986, the Secunda Sports Stadium and the Johannes Stegmann Theatre opened.


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