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Pongola (also known in Zulu as uPhongolo) is a small town situated in a very beautiful and fertile valley on the N2.

Near the Lubombo Mountains, in the valleys of Zululand, easily accessible to the Swaziland Border Posts.

  • It is a unique and tranquil subtropical environment. It has 50 km² of sugarcane and subtropical fruit plantations surrounding it.

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 During the Depression years of the 1930s, drastic irrigation systems were started in Pongola. The town thrived as a result of the canal system and a sugar mill that was built.


Today it is part of the uPhongolo Local Municipality.


qDid you know this about Pongola ?


  • Pongolapoort Dam and Pongola Game Reserve is to the east.
  • It is the only dam in South Africa where you can catch Tiger Fish.
  • It is also home to Tugam Game Farm, uPhongolo’s oldest game farm.



Experience the tradition and hospitality of the Zulu Kingdom with a visit to the Zulu Royal Palace, rural villages and townships.


We have tiger fishing, hunting; game trails and safaris, art galleries in the bush and beautiful tropical gardens.

Most Game Reserves have the big 5.  You can also visit sugar cane, citrus and pecan nut farms in production.  This will be a great educational visit for the young.





From a mouse to an elephant, Pongola is surrounded by the most beautiful hunting lodges.  




Some farms specialize in the hunting for the biltong industry and others concentrate on hunting of game for the purpose of trophy’s.

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Whatever your needs, you will be served by professional friendly service. Pongola

your next holiday destination.


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