New twist in war on election posters in Waterberg

Presented as written by TK Mashaba, journalist at The Beat:

New twist in war on election posters in Waterberg

The tattered remains of ripped off pre-election posters. Photo: Supplied

DA poster manager in the Waterberg, Johan Abrie, said he had reason to believe that those who vandalised particularly the party’s posters, must have been scared off by the reward of R50 000 to anyone with information which can lead to the prosecution of any culprit.

Political parties from across the spectrum were in recent weeks up in arms following the defiling and ripping off of pre-election posters across the Waterberg and elsewhere.

The BEAT last week reported that in Bela-Bela posters put up by both the ANC and the EFF were spray-painted with a vulgar message.

Posters put up by the EFF in both the Bela-Bela central business district and the township, were ripped off and thrown into a veld outside of the town.

Waterberg co-ordinator for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Dikeme Pilane, said political parties registered for the elections on Wednesday 8 May, had signed a code of conduct to allow for free and fair campaigning.

He said parties which had their posters interfered with, should take up the matter with the police.

The ANC in Limpopo said it had noted “with utter disgust a systematic pattern” of vandalising its election posters, adding the pattern had been observed throughout the province.

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