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Modimolle signifies “a position of spirits” named after a Modimollle Mountain. The first name was known as Nylstroom, named after the Voortrekkers that ran over the north-streaming waterway and mixed up the waterway for the Nile River in Egypt.

The way that there are a pyramid molded slope close by just served to protect this explanation. Modimolle is a town placed close to the southern edge of the Waterberg in Limpopo, South Africa. It is a medium-sized town that concentrates basically on gardening and farming

(citrus, grapes and dairy cattle) and in addition wild life and tourism.

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Here you will find Events & Attractions to satisfy your curiosity of this beautiful town and its surrounding areas.

Modimolle’s point of interest is a single slope named Kranskop.


This is the purpose behind the new name of this town as it is one of the slopes alluded to as Modimolle slope by African individuals in the region. They accepted on the chance of travelling long and sufficiently far, they would place the Holy Land and a pyramid-molded slope near to support their opinion that they had crossed Africa and reached Egypt.

Nylstroom was laid out on a ranch in February 1866. Today Nylstroom has been renamed Modimolle after the unmistakable slope near to which the local people view as their sacred mountain.

(Modimolle signifying ‘god has eaten up’).


JG Strijdom, a previous Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa used to live in Modimolle for a long time and his home is currently referred to as the JG Strijdom house and exhibition hall and has been pronounced a national landmark.

Erich Mayer that is skilled in crafts, lived and worked in Nylstroom. It is said that the celebrated engineer Gerhard Moerdijk got his motivation for the Voortrekker Monument from the profile of the Modimolle Kranskop.



The Anglo-Boer war death camp was set up in Modimolle in 1901.

Modimolle, Limpopo is a vacation destination on account of the variety of open air amusement alternatives.   You can choose where you want to stay for you visit, Lodges or Bed & Breakfast.

These alternatives range from bird watching, horse riding to helicopter rides and chasing.

The atmosphere with hot summers and generally direct winters makes Modimolle a visitors destination.

Guests travel trough Limpopo town to visit the Hotels and Mineral Spas.

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