Monster on the loose

website_header_zout_2015 Date: 26 December 2016 By: Isabel Venter

Monster on the loose

horrorhouseThe sadistic monster who had kidnapped a 15-year-old girl and then raped her over a period of four days, is still evading police arrest.

After receiving medical treatment, the girl was placed in a home of safety by the Makhado Police last week. She still had to be identified as she had no parents or siblings, and came from Zimbabwe to South Africa in search of work. Investigating officers were still trying to obtain a description from the girl about her attacker.

The girl was discovered last Wednesday while she was trying to escape the house where she was being held captive in Kleynhans Street. Her hands were still tied up behind her back with an electrical cord. She was completely naked and bleeding profusely.

“I will never forget the complete bewilderment in her eyes … it will haunt me for the rest of my life,” said one of the girl’s rescuers to the newspaper this week. The rescuer asked to remain anonymous.

“I ran home to fetch a blanket to cover her up and brought her a glass of Coke. As I held the glass to her lips you could see that she was starving … she said that she did not have anything to eat since Sunday [when she was kidnapped],” recapped the rescuer. “I also noticed that she had weird marks on her back and shoulders … it might have been bruises, I’m not sure,” said the rescuer.

The rescuer lives in the area, which has always been a preferred route to school for many children attending the nearby Louis Trichardt Primary School. Many children in the street also play and ride in the streets with their bicycles and skateboards during the school holidays – resulting in escalating levels of panic in the community.

According to the rescuer, the girl told onlookers that she was walking in the direction of the school when an unknown man called her over. She then tried to walk away fast, but he quickly caught up with her and dragged her towards the unoccupied house. She then recalled him stuffing a rag in her mouth and she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she was tied up, with the rag still in her mouth and her clothes gone.

It is still unclear whether the girl was gang-raped or not.

According to local police spokesperson, Const Irene Radzilane, the girl claimed that she was forced to drink something that made her sleepy and weak when she woke up. Radzilane said the girl told them that on the day of her rescue, she did not receive the suspected drug. “She then felt that she had more strength to try and escape from the house,” said Radzilane.

Radzilane this week urged the public to work together with the police to catch the girl’s attacker. “We do not want these kind of monsters out there putting the lives of innocent children in danger,” said Radzilane.

Apart from this plea for information, the police have also urged the public to be more vigilant regarding their surroundings, even more so when there is an unoccupied house situated in their street. “If you suspect any foul play, rather be safe and ask the police to investigate the house,” said Radzilane.

In the case of the Kleynhans Street house, police have found signs of several people who had squatted there. “We have been warning people for a while now to be vigilant of empty houses, because we have found that they are increasingly being used for criminal activities,” said Radzilane.

While police are still searching for the rapist, Radzilane have urged parents to also be vigilant about their children’s whereabouts. When walking to a friend’s house or the shops, children should refrain from walking alone. “Always make sure you know exactly where your children are,” said Radzilane.

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