Laingsburg Flood Museum

Laingsburg Flood Museum

Museums in or near Laingsburg, Karoo in the Western Cape, South Africa.

top_pic (2)On 25 January 1981, the Karoo changed forever. The little town of Laingsburg was hit by what continues to be one of the most dramatic natural disasters ever to have happened in South Africa, the Laingsburg Flood. The tragedy and destruction that this caused could not easily be forgotten by those who experienced it, but is also immortalised in the Laingsburg Flood Museum, which is situated in the town of the same name, deep in the Western Cape Province and the Great Karoo.

The Laingsburg Flood Museum is dedicated to capturing the essence of the town and its people, and conveying the mammoth effect of this disaster. Memorabilia, artefacts and information continues to be gathered for an accurate, up-to-date exhibition that speaks to the hearts and minds of those that visit.

One of the exhibitions at this museum is the Wolfaardt Collection of Africana and memorabilia, which is about the Great Trek, the Anglo-Boer War and the ancient tools and implements used by the indigenous Khoi-San folk that once occupied the region. These tell fascinating stories that are integral to the history and heritage of South Africa; a land of so many cultures and customs that have made for the most colourful of destinations.

The museum complex is also home to the tourism information office, and has plenty of little keepsakes and curios for those back home. These include pure wool pillows, which are luxuriously soft and ideal for those with allergies. The kuierkraal is a great little spot to enjoy your snacks and refreshments while getting your car washed; and little ones can play and get rid of their bounteous energy at the playground.

Enjoy authentic Karoo hospitality with liberal lashings of culture and history at the Laingsburg Flood Museum.

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