Things To Do

Things To Do:

Looking to try something new? Want to go on a adventure? Here are a few highly recommended things to do in Ermelo. Start making memories now!

things to do


Game Drives at Nkomazi:

Enjoy an experience of a lifetime on this game drive. Surrounded by wildlife, you will be seated in an open game viewing vehicle. You are more than welcome to interact with your ranger about any particular interests. Above all, you will be provided with a sundowner drink at sunset and coffee or tea at sunrise.

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things to do

Guided Game Walk:

Did you know, spending time in nature is a healing energy! Take a walk through peaceful nature, accompanied by sunshine, animals and a qualified walking guide. Note: No persons under the age of 16 years are allowed to join the game walk.




things to doView Rock Art:

Take a trip through history with Nkomazi’s Rock Art. These Rock Arts are more than 3000 years old. The San expressed themselves through this art. While they were traveling, members of the tribe would gather around a fire, celebrating.

The Shaman, also known as the medicine man, would go into a trance through dancing, singing and clapping. Visions would appear. He protects the tribe, communicating his visions and guidance through Rock Art.

The paint that they used consisted out of red ocher, animal bones, coal and aloe sap. How did the paint not fade away? It’s simple. The sap and protein in egg and blood is able to preserve the art.