UPDATE: Truck drivers’ grievances not fully addressed

Presented as written by Nikki Maharaj, journalist at Highvelder:

UPDATE: Truck drivers’ grievances not fully addressed

Trucks parking in the street during truckers protest for grievances to be heard.

UPDATE: 6 June – 12.00am

Mr Joshua Malatji, truck driver from Rustenburg, said that on  3 June a meeting was held with Eskom whereby, Eskom and sub-companies that supply coal, arranged that access cards will be given to all South African truckers.

He added that things are back to normal within his company.

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Mr Dumisani Maseko, truck driver, said: “A lot of meetings have been scheduled.

“The N3 was targeted by truckers on 2 June.

“A mass meeting on 18 June is taking place in Durban about the grievances of foreign drivers.

“The next protest will take place on the N4 as we are still not being recognised and problems are still not being addressed.”

Read the complete article in the Highvelder newspaper.

Link to full article: https://highvelder.co.za/81391/update-truckers-grievances-not-fully-met/


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