Ermelo Business Association concerned about service delivery in Ermelo

Presented as written by Rene Joubert, journalist at Highvelder:

Ermelo Business Association concerned about service delivery in Ermelo

After a good rain showers on Ermelo, Wessel Street used by the trucks looks more like a mud bath than a tar road.

The Ermelo Business Association as the Chamber of Commerce of Ermelo, recently held discussions with Msukaligwa Municipality.

Vvarious concerns were raised by businesses and residents about the state of the town and the decline in delivery of basic services, such as electricity and water which has lately wreaked havoc in the area.

The meeting was held with the department heads of the relevant municipality sections and the Head of Technical Services in an effort to find answers to the continual breakdowns and electrical outages in Ermelo.

Some of the other concerns that were raised during the discussions include the constant problems with the state of the services billing systems, cable theft and the function of the Call Center.

Mr Athol Stark, Chief Coordinator at Highveld Tourism Mpumalanga, said: “After discussions it was evident that the frequent rotation and changes of Senior Management at Msukaligwa had led to an immense amount of poor decision being taken and has caused the administration of the municipality not to function correctly.”

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