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History of Cullinan:

This town is situated 30km east of Pretoria along the diamond route. It has a unique mine village character. Mineworkers, offices, churches and houses are the backbone of this small town.

Cullinan became famous after discovering the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever. This stone was then presented to King Edward VII. It was later cut into three large parts. The Great Star of Africa is known as the largest polished gem from the stone. The second largest gem is the Lesser  Star of Africa. It is the largest polished diamond in the world and on display in the Tower of London as part of the British crown jewels.

This town was named after diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan. He was the owner of a diamond mine. The Premier Mine is still served and is the third largest diamond producer in the country.

It serves a great purpose to tourist attractions for this small town and consists out of various tours.

Cullinan Tourism:

Not only is Cullinan famous for its mining, but also for the tourist attractions. Tours are available around town, within the mining area and even in the underground mining area.

Oak Avenue is a living museum that is summarises the mining era (1900’s). Museums located in Cullinan, like The History Room or The McHardy House museum, can be described as a very educational tour for little children and are visited on occations of fieldtrips.

Moreover, activities including horse riding, abseiling and Bongo drum sessions can be explored by adventurous people on the mountain terrain surrounding this remarkable town.

Different means of transportation can be used to guide tourists through their adventures. The most preferable transportation is on an open vehicle or on foot.










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