Bojaankop 4×4 Trail


Bojaankop 4x4 trail

As many might know, Calitzdorp is known to consist of vineyards, scrubby vegetation, beautiful mountain ranges, and welcoming locals.

To all of the adventurers, the Bojaankop Mountain view is simply a must see. To get there, there might be a few stumbling blocks along the way. Such include challenging gravel roads, rivers and loose rocks.

Adventurers must get passed a 15 kilometer circular route. It takes about 2-4 hours to get to the top, but it is most definitely worth the wait! No trail guide is needed and visitors is welcome to go any time of the year. Every season is accompanies by different weather challenges.

Alongside the Bojaankop 4×4 Trail, lays the Gamka river. This river alone has its own stumbling blocks in store. It differs from dry seasons to extremely rainy seasons. This can sometimes conclude to a flooded and extra muddy road.



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