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Welcome to Bethal!

Bethal is a farming town in Mpumalanga. It is famous for producing maize, sunflower seeds, and potatoes.




bethal homeIt all started back in 1880 on a farm called Blesbokspruit. This town received its name from parts of the farm owner’s wive’s names.

Elizabeth du Plooy & Alida Naude

Since 1921, it then became a municipality.

Petrus Johannes Naude Cornelius Michiel du Plooi were the founders. Unfortunately, Petrus died in 1890.

More Information about the Naude family?

Did You Know? The earliest Naude residents were all farmers. Their original ground received the name of Naudesfontein.

They say that leaders rise above the restrictions of everyday life. That is exactly who Petrus Johannes Naude was. Till today he is still known as a leader and a entrepreneur. He saw success in creating Bethal.

Great grandma Gerbrecht predicted that someday people will be able to fly, before the first airplane landed in Bethal in 1920. This was a jaw dropping experience for everyone to see, even the schools closed to witness this experience.

Church Record: D Naude (full name unknown) was sentenced to 9 months censorship by the consistory after he was in communion with Mrs. Oneel.


Below is a written poem dedicated to Great grandma Gerbrecht:

bethal home

Great grandma Gerbrecht


Jou somber beeld
ets pyn af teen die
dowwe kiekiemuur

Jou hande wys die
was en aanhou
was in kouewater

Jou oë is strak, vol goeie
evangelie: genegawes
van jou groot familie

bethal home

Petrus Johannes Naude

Jou tenger lyf was
eenmaal jonk, so
lees ek in die boek

In die stiltetyd van
majesteit Victoria
lank voor broeikaste

vloei uit Calvinisties-
uitgesoekte genepoel
die volle evangelie:

‘n fris knaap knap

bethal home

Jacob Johannes Naude

‘n halfjaar na
die eg gebore