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Bela-Bela (Tswana: boiling boiling) is a town in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Deriving its name from the geothermic hot springs around which the town was built, it is widely known by the name Warmbaths, officially changed to the current name on 14 June 2002.

 * It was also previously called Hartingsburg until the

early twentieth century.

The town Bela-Bela is situated in the Waterberg District of the Limpopo Province. It lies off the N1 road between Pretoria and Polokwane (Pietersburg).


 * Fun fact: Its hot springs produce

22,000 litres

per hour at 52 °C (126 °F).

Now that is a lot of water!


When the Tswana tribes first moved into the region in about the 1800s, they discovered hot springs in the area.
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History of Warmbaths, Bela Bela, Warmbad History of Warmbaths/ Bela-Bela


Voortrekker named Carl Van Heerden established the first farm in what is now Bela-Bela and called it Het Bad.

In 1873, President Burger’s Transvaal government bought the land and established a resort called Hartingsburg after the prominent Dutch biologist Pieter Harting.

The British occupied the town during the Anglo Boer War, and renamed the post office Warm Baths in 1903, and proclaimed the boundaries of Warmbaths to be the entire farm of Het Bad.

In 1920 Warmbaths was proclaimed a township (in the legal, not racial sense) and the township was designed by architect John Abraham Moffat in that year.

Around the 1950, it became a magisterial district and in 1932 Warmbaths became a village town and was established as a town council in 1960.


Bela-Bela / Warmbaths is known for it’s

variety of Wild Life

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Tragedy hits the town !



A dam at the Thaba Monaté Game Lodge burst its banks which resulted in the town being flooded.


On Thursday, a dam at the Thaba Monaté Game Lodge in Bela-Bela burst its banks, sending water flowing into the streets of Bela-Bela and severely affecting the town. (14 March 2014)

 Video feed to watch – Shocking footage

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Bela Bela counting the costs after heavy



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